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i want my music so loud that i can’t hear my life crashing and burning

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As an example, she cites her pal Lorde, whom she calls Ella…

-In which the fandom gets the answer to the question that has been bothered everyone for a long time. (via itsmellslikeme)



i’m cute as hell, which is incidentally where i came from

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boobs are ridiculous women should just have wings instead

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” Visit my tumblr ”

Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice.

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the breakfast club isnt even about breakfast 

you could have at least said spoiler alert

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it’s just so funny how you can just click with some people but not others, like you can meet a new friend who completely gets you in like 2 weeks and yet have a parent or relative who still doesn’t know your simplest likes and dislikes after 20 years. its weird

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